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May 28, 2008


So sorry to see you go but happy that it isn't a complete end but a new start. I'm relatively new to endicott but loved everything you did here.

Helen O

Terri and Midori--

Thanks for all the color and knowledge you've added to my hoard! I shall miss the site but am glad that you're turning more and more to your own work. We're all in danger of being run over by time's winged chariot, and so I wish you both many glad hours of creation in the years ahead.

I have two emotions upon reading your farewell:

1. Sadness for myself that you've brought the Journal to an end. This site was (and is) an incredible act of generosity. It was also one of my favorite destinations on the web to head for when I need a jolt of inspiration and beauty.

2. Happiness for you that you'll have more time to devote to your own mythic art and writings. I can't wait to see what you bring forth on your new sites and in your new projects.

I thank you for all of your hard work and wish you many blessings from the Muses as you work on.

Thank you both for building, maintaining & sharing the most marvelous island of mythical magic in the cyber sea for ever so long!
I look forward to seeing where your muses take you next!

One more echo of everyone else's sentiments: I'm awfully sorry to see the JoMA end, but happy that you're doing it to pursue your own artistic endeavors. Good luck in them. You have my deepest thanks for all the work you've done here.

Well , sitting here reading this while playing my guitar , some sad but strangely beautiful notes into melody flowed out , yet here hear to evolution and the planting of seeds [ liken to the foundation of mythology ] Thanx for all the info .

Oh, I will miss you.
But I will also look forward to your new projects.

Thank you so much for the JOMA. It helped me find my way home.

- Shweta

Good luck! I will definitely miss this blog, but it sounds like it's time for you to focus on other things. Best wishes!

I too, was very surprised when I read this.

So Happy for the both of you though for your commitment to New Transitions. :-)

May The Three Graces bless your new journeys...


I will miss this blog greatly! The depth of knowledge in the journal archives has been a cornerstone in my mythic self-education. It has meant a great deal to me. Good luck to both of you in your future endeavors. I will look forward to seeing what you both create next!

Thank you, thank you! Finding Endicott has opened up a parts of my mind, heart, spirit and aesthtics I didn't know were in me. My life has been graced by the beauty you have provided.

I am very glad the archives will remain. Good luck and much happiness in your personal endeavors.

Oh NO!
Gosh, this is very sad... this journal has been such a treasury of tunnels of wonders for tale-lovers like me. I know that you both will be able to spend more time on your own works now and I look forward to seeing these blossom beautifully.

Thank you for being such an inspiration.. I remember well the delight with which I came across Endicott years ago, happy to have found fellow wanderers of stories. And thank you too for supporting my artwork amongst such great talents.

I hope that the torch continues to burn bright in all the hands that it has been passed to.

Good luck with all your adventures Midori and Terri, and thank you again. :)
xx Rima

Alas, I only stumbled on this site and blog a short while ago, but I've loved having the archives up to read. All of the articles are EXTREMELY well-done (and I love them) and the blog has been wonderful at pointing me at things I'd never heard of or really thought about before.

Thank you for that.

(Then the selfish bit of me pipes up and raises my fist to the heavens, crying that there will suddenly be nothing new here now that I've finally found you.)

It's a sad day for me. I've been a fan since day one and even before what with all the numerous stories you wonderfully magical ladies have written. You will be missed. I look forward to seeing what you all do next. I know it will be wonderful and you can bet that we, your loyal readers will be reading right along with you.

Jo-Ann Burton

Thank you all so very much for the journal.

Oh! I'm sad to hear this, but hopeful, too, if it means seeing more work from you, Terri and Midori, two of my most favorite authors. Thank you so much for pulling together the range of wonderful, inspiring sources.

Thank you for the years of inspiration and good wishes on all your future projects.

Wow--sorry to hear this, although I understand. I very much enjoyed visiting here.


I know this sounds selfish and needy....but I feel a deep loss, like loosing a close friend. It seems loss has become a companion in my life now...the death of my father, the break-up of friendships, the disapperance of faith. I know that endings are actually new even though I'll miss my daily visits, I'll always remember this place with a fondness for opening up a part of me which was buried deep in the dark.

much love and best wishes .....Jack

It was with a heavy heart that I read this particular update. I've been fascinated and entranced by the work presented here. It has led me to such wonderful places and taken me places I never thought possible. There simply aren't words eloquent enough for me to express my gratitude. Thank you so much for all you've done. Than you too for keeping the archive. I'll be reading your blogs and I wish you all the best in your future travels.


I'm so sorry to hear that you are not continuing with JoMa. I have been a fan of the authors here forever and JoMA has been a mainstay in my life since 2000. Thank you for all the hardwork and the beautiful words. Best of luck with your future projects.

I'm so sorry to hear that you are not continuing with JoMa. I have been a fan of the authors here forever and JoMA has been a mainstay in my life since 2000. Thank you for all the hardwork and the beautiful words. Best of luck with your future projects.

Thank you for beautiful "magic touch" and good luck

Thank you so much for all your work on the JoMA and this blog. It has indeed been inspiring, informative, and uplifting. While I am saddened and sorry to see it cease, I will take heart that mythic arts are flourishing in other places, in great part due to your efforts. Many thanks again, and best of luck on the next pathway you take!

I was happy reading the Anais Nin line. I'm a big believer in being my own Muse (with many outside influences of course.) I've been on both sides of this issue, being both the muse-er and the muse-e and it's not some much fun. A lot of ego and a lot of projecting onto The Other, I'm afraid.

So I celebrate the passing of the blog and the birth of who-knows-what for your both. Not just for the muse issue of course but knowing that you will freed in some ways, I'm sure. The Great Mystery is where it's at.

I love you both. You know that.


Thank you so much for what you have given us. I am sorry to see you close this up. Thanks for leaving the archive. Have fun with what you are on to next.

Wow, I cannot decide if I should just sit here dumb with shock or start crying. Moments ago I put a little response to you in the comment section of today's post on my site, crediting you and the rest of the Endicott gang, rightly so, on being the primary inspiration for what I do in regards to promoting art and artists on my site. To come over here and see this certainly carries with it a certain amount of devastation. If it weren't for the fact that Midori has started a blog and you have recently started a site as well I would be even more saddened by this news.

Whether right or wrong the advent of the connectivity possible because of the internet have given those of us who are fans an expectation of a certain level of connectedness to the authors, artists, musicians, etc. that we admire. We certainly don't have any right to claim that or demand that level of interaction, but it certainly adds a warm human personal element to the emotional connection one already feels for a creator's work. I am glad to know that we will still have that to some degree with the both of you.

I was having a conversation the other day with someone, telling them that I thought it was a travesty that more folks didn't comment...didn't the posts over here. I realize that probably has nothing to do with you shutting down the site but it does make me sad to see so many comments here today and know that so many posts went uncommented on...and I point the finger squarely at myself.

I have so appreciated all that each of you have done with this site, and its many earlier incarnations. You have opened up a world of art and music and literature to me, which I try regularly to pass on to others, that is such a part of my life know that I can not imagine what my life was like before.

Thank you all so very much. I am deeply, deeply saddened by this and yet I completely understand the reasons for this decision and am very excited about where your work will take you in the future.

I'll miss this (thank you for keeping the archives up!). Best of luck to both of you in your future projects.

I feel such a sense of loss about the closing of the Endicott Journal - it has always put me in touch with magic in a way no other website does. But I deeply respect your reasons for moving on and I wish you both much energy and inspiration for your own future creations.

A somewhat plaintive question: will the alphabetically listed book review pages remain online? The link isn't currently working, and I would be so disappointed if the reviews disappeared permanently. I've been using it as my main reading list lately and even planned a book club centered around it. I've found so many wonderful books through your recommendations that I never would have picked up otherwise.
Thanks for all your hard work and generosity.

Thank you for all of the time and energy you put into JOMA. It has been a joy for my spirit and mind. From JOMA, I have realized that it is possible to pursue your passions through your career. May you have a wonderful new chapter!


So sad to read this Blog! I've received so much since I've been visiting here. You really did help me to touch some magic in my normal day and introduced me to some wonderful artists. I know I should wish you good luck with your own projects but a part of me is hoping you'll change your mind and stay. xxxxxxxxxx

The Endicott Studio has been one of the most significant influences and inspirations for me as an artist since I first discovered your website several years ago. It's heartbreaking to know that it is closing, but I do appreciate that the archives will be available and I wish you well in your future projects. I wanted to thank everyone involved in the publication for helping me to grow as a person and as an artist and for showing me that mythic arts still have value in our world.

I was bedridden with a nasty cold this week and I arise from the fog to get caught up on the blog world and read this? Oh no. I am very very sorry to see it go. But wish you both well! And thank you so much for all the work to bring such beauty, insight and magic to your readers. You once featured a poem a I wrote for Goblin Fruit in your blog, so I feel like I have a personal connection beyond being a devoted reader. I also bought an Amy Brown sculpture from the art gallery you mentioned was going out of business.

Thanks for keeping the archive active; it will be a well-loved resource and hall of memories...

I am having such a selfish reaction to this news. I've been reading since my first exposure to the internet. The first internet search I ever did was for Charles de Lint (favorite author) - it brought me here & I have been a regular ever since. I was so happy when you started the blog because I seriously fiended for more Endicott in between Journal issues. One of the proudest moments in my life was seeing my work featured here.
All the babbling is just my way of saying I will MISS you guys desperately & I wish you all the best.
Thank you so much for all of these years

Augh. This is just wrong. I'm sorry to be a grouch about it, but this is truly one of the best blogs ever. It is so well put together with writing, mind-expanding content, form, etc... Unlike a lot of your well-wishers, I choose to mope & pout about your closing.

I'm devastated! I so, so love getting my myth fix here, in so many different categories. Even if there are many more mythic resources on the web now, yours is, bar none, the best: well-written, focused and lovingly edited.

I'll check out the personal blogs and I'm relieved to see that archives will stay...

Great post! This post has given me a lot to think about as well.

As disappointed as I was after reading this entry, I understand the need to move on and transform. Endicott Studio was my daily inspiration. I'll continue to follow you both through your blogs and writings, and wish you the best in your future endeavors!

Thank you for everything. :-)

Words Fail.

Hi there, I've already expressed my sadness at the ending of this wonderful blog, though I would do it again! However, I'm writing now to offer something constructive. I belong to a website called Goodreads, where people share what they read, their views, pick up new ideas of what to read and much more, something like a ultra book club. Anyway, another member, Odette Odile, had a wonderful idea to start a group on the site where we will read through the and discuss the Endicott books. Thankfully, you're keeping the site archives on line so we can do this. I think it's an exciting way to keep the spirit of this blog alive and gather people of common interest. Here's the site:
Come join us!
And again, best wishes in your future creations!

What a lovely idea, Kim!

Thanks, Terri. Not my idea, Odette's. I'm just the messenger. ;0) I'm sure you have lots to mention in your last post on this blog, but do you think you could mention it in case people don't read all the way through the posts on this one? BTW, we'd love to have you stop by!

Warmest Regards, Kim

After a hectic year centred on my daughter's Leaving Cert exams, I just strolled over to see how ye are and now I am bereft! But I understand. Oh, how I understand. I have three books to finish and then I am going walkabout ... for a few years. So I wish you both all the best and enjoy! enjoy!

I discovered this blog late, just last year, and was overjoyed to see the name Terri Windling, whose anthology Elsewhere, with the little ink sketches inside, introduced me to fantasy art and short fiction outside the Tolkien books so many years ago. (The one which doesn't show up on your studio blog, Ms Windling)

This blog has been a joy to me, bringing me to the website for Charles Vess, for instance, and showing me so many beautiful fantasy images, such wonderful thoughts, essays, poems, and providing so many resources that I wondered how I would ever find time to investigate them all.

Thank you for leaving the archives online, because it will take the rest of my life to tire of rummaging around in them.
And thank you both for the time and energy you put into this. There's really no way to express how much this has come to mean to me in the short time I've been reading it.

I'll be lurking at your personal/studio blogs as well. Thanks again.

Where will I get my faerie information now?? You were all more helpful to me than you know. Whenever I lacked inspiration I could turn to JoMA and be sure you'd fill the void or, at the very least, get me started. I hope you'll keep me posted on your upcoming projects. I wish you all the best,
Ernie Sandidge

Where will I get my faerie information now?? You were all more helpful to me than you know. Whenever I lacked inspiration I could turn to JoMA and be sure you'd fill the void or, at the very least, get me started. I hope you'll keep me posted on your upcoming projects. I wish you all the best,
Ernie Sandidge

For the past several months, my life’s been in turmoil so the news that JoMA is having a final issue is quite new (as of today). To say I’m sad about this ending would be a small understatement; it’s brought me such joy and pleasure for reading over many years – most of the eleven, if not all these years, it’s been online.

Finding the JoMA was like a dream come true to me; I grew up in an exceedingly small town where I couldn’t discuss being inspired by folklore and myth or even discuss them in any length at all and I grew very reticent on the subject. Finding out about Endicott Studio and the JoMA allowed me to know that it was okay to discuss such matters and I’m very open about how myth and folklore have inspired me as a writer and artist (admittedly, most of my art stays in the sketchbook).

After a little burst of long-windedness, I’d just like to thank Terri and Midori for editing the JoMA for so long and bringing the beauty of folklore, fairytales and myth to the world through the journal. I wish you both well for future, personal creative endeavours and Endicott projects.

This is great work and a source of inspiration for any artist.

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