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April 22, 2008


Critic/reviewer Anatole Broyard died at age 70 following a year-long struggle with prostate cancer. Joy Williams is alive and well and has enjoyed a successful career in spite of such critics. Let the reader take whatever lessons he or she will from this. I look forward to reading The Changeling.

I am so glad of this!

I remember that Richard Adams' Watership Down was rejected 48 times before finding a home with a publisher, and Peter S. Beagle used to receive some horrific drubbing from his publishers, too. And then there were the acidic remarks by reviewers in the U.K. during the late 1950s about J.R.R. Tolkien's foray into "more childish work."


I was writing to a friend today that the scholar is the left hand of the poet and the poet is the left hand of the scholar, but that I remain uncertain where the unscholarly "critic" fits into that - perhaps they are an unexpected growth, rather like a sixth finger or a third ear.

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