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December 23, 2007


You know, I never realized how much that painting resembled you until now. I've seen it all over the place--in books, on the internet. I feel like I've been living under a rock! Many blessing on you and your new home, and Happy Solstice!

What a beautiful home! The new one must be amazing. Best Wishes on all of your upheavals
& Happy Solstice/Merry Season

best wishes on your new home, feeling like home!

and bright winter blessings,


I'll miss Weaver's, too - it's part of our history, now. So good to think of a young family being happy there now, though. Much love to you.

Oh! If had had a lot of money I would sure not mind living in your old house! With such beautiful artworks all around! I bet it must be very hard to leave it behind.
I am also like that, my home is a collection of bits and piece of memories that I collect in my head but also as objects, and it's a long term process to "inhabit" a place properly.

Funny how this year has also been one of positive changes for me. And a lot of wonderful memories. The best of all of course was having the priviledge to meet Alan Lee and finally get to thank him for the wonderful and inspiring paintings and drawings.

This is my Solstice card this year, and I wish you all the best in this new turn of the wheel:

And many thanks for this wonderful website, I enjoy reading your posts!

Thank you so much for sharing that with us. I certainly can understand the grief of moving out of there, I cannot imagine having to let that go. I am thrilled that the new family will be appreciating and keeping the art. Despite the melancholy of change I am excited for both you and Midori and the life changes you are making. No doubt they will spawn marvelous creativity that the rest of us will be able to savor and be inspired by. I have had such a wonderful year with the both of you as a part of it. I appreciate you so much and all that you do to make life a more creative place. Thank you!

I'll tell you what I'd do in such a wondrous place
find inspiration from every nook and cranny space
sketches ,drawings ,storybooks and more
from ceiling ,walls , windows ,in and out the door
an earthy jewel
golden olden , warm and worn
cosy rosy , memory adorn ................... WJL
YET ; best to ya new digs

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