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June 29, 2007


Those are great! Holy cow that would be alot of work to produce all those rabbits. Unless, of course, know...multiplied on their own! :)

Looking at these rabbit sculptures reminds me SO much of _Watership_Down_ by Richard Adams.

You think, "Hey - rabbits. How cute!!!" Then you really get into the book and discover that it is a fairly dark tale. Even the movie had a creepiness to it that showed you these were definitely NOT fluffy bunnies.

Similarly, _Tailchaser's_Song_ by Tad Williams did the same thing for me with regard to cats.

The detail of the cultures, myths, and rituals in these two books really sucked me and they remain two of my favorite 'adult' animal tales.

Thank you so much for sharing....I too, am I rabbit/hare fan, bordering on obsession. :-) Absolutely beautiful work, and so thought provoking.

This sculpture also reminds me of the opening (and I think ending) chapters of _Contact_ by Carl Sagan - the scenes where Dr. Ellie Arroway is driving through the desert and seeing the hares and jackrabbits sitting up to pay attention (homage?) to her as she passes them.

And THAT scene reminds me of all the drives I took out in the Big Bend area of West Texas ... and all the huge jackrabbits we'd see just about everywhere we went - esp. in the evenings. And they pretty much did the same thing Dr. Arroway's did. Of course, this was years before _Contact_ was a glint in Sagan's eye.

Wonderful sculptures! I am reminded of a few weeks ago when I was watching four hares chasing each other in a nearby field (Scotland)...they were haring about(excuse pun) oblivious to being watched, one came up close to within a few feet of me and stood and stared with its deep brown eyes before running back away towards the others...wonderful to see such wild creatures up close.

Thanks also for creating this fascinating Endicott Blog site!


I followed your link back to your own art website:

Charming work! I particularly like the lovely Selkie painting.

Lori Fields is another wonderful artist who also uses rabbit in her work. We did a post on her in March:

Also, you might be interested in the MySpace page created by "Mr. Proteus," containing a mix of rabbit imagery, haunting photographs, equally haunting music, and political text:

I am also incredibly inspired by Beth Cavener Stitcher. I started making a series of rabbit sculptures in 2005 and then saw her work and was awestruck. Her recent show in New York was amazing......

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