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March 09, 2007


Hey, guys. Thanks for the plug! But you're referring to the Recommended Reading List. We haven't released the contents of the actual anthology yet. We'll do that the end of March.

Congrats on the interstitial antho, btw--I've got a copy and it looks wonderful.


Aww...sorry about that! I have been watching the references pop up every where and just got ridiculously excited! Do drop us note and let us know when the table of contents is set...I can't wait. I have gone ahead and corrected the post!

Congrats go to Delia Sherman and Theodora Goss for the Interstitial Antho. It is a beauty isn't it? They now have a blog for the book which can be found here:

Thanks for the correction, Jeff.

And like Midori says, we're looking forward to reading the Interstitial anthology too -- it looks terrific! But we don't deserve credit for it -- no one at Endicott was involved with the book. Credit is due entirely to Delia, Dora, Heinz, and the IAF.

I pulled out of the IAF myself a long time ago, simply because the Endicott Studio takes up all my time and energy -- and mythic arts are my primary focus and passion. But Endicott will certainly help to promote Interfictions any way we can!Can't wait to read it!

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