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November 12, 2006


What about an Endicott Celebration night of "mythic arts" readings as part of the KGB Bar Fantastic Fiction series in New York? With some of the Endicott writers reading poems or short pieces based on myths or fairy tales? I'd be there in flash!

What about readings in other places too?

Congratulations on that! Your organization is vital and beautiful and definitely worth celebrating!
What about an online art/poetry show for those of us neither in the US or the Uk?
A celebratory anthology of your member's works?
A poetry contest?
A candle-lit labyrinth walk?
A cairn built of *small* (and light) pebbles your members and readers send in with a small symbol they'be painted on it? Or maybe sending in ribbons to be tied on a wheel or some such might be easier?
Cheers and Thanks for the all the hard work!

Synchronicity. I just went to the North End for dinner last night. Any plans to celebrate Endicott's anniversary in its birthplace?

YAY! Anniversary!

I've gone over a few ideas in my head, but none of them are clever enough to post.

I'm hoping it will involve some really good single malt. Though I remember twenty years ago in Boston drinking Shooting Sherry (despite the fact that were no grouse to be shot at) and eating strawberries at a gathering.

Thanks for the great suggestions, everyone. Holly, don't worry about whether they're clever or not -- any and all suggestions welcome. We truly need help brainstorming this. 20 Years really seems worth celebrating, and we want to find a way (or ways) to do it that involves as many Endicott folks and readers as possible. (And that's either affordable, for a small non-profit like us, or that has fund-raising potential to cover the cost.)

Luna, I haven't been back to the North End for a while -- and I've heard it's changed a lot since the Big Dig. Someone told me that the Castignetti Building got sold when the last Castignetti brother retired, and that now our wonderful, scruffy, cheap studios are million-dollar condo loft apartments.

How about poppets or masks? Readers can make or buy a doll / mask within a cetain size (or carve something, or build it in clay ) and make it 'mythic'. Glue little horns, stitch clothes, add bells, veils, paint on them, make necklaces, write a story on them, etc., and then send them in and have a 'gathering of the clans' in a gallery.

Then everyone can be and a part of a collective story in the celebration no matter how far away they hail from.

I was thinking of a night of screening various films based around the mythic theme. Here, there or anywhere.


What about a special 20th anniversary edition of the Journal involving both members AND readers? On any given mythic subjects.

I wish you could put together some sort of commemorative book or magazine with much of the great art and writing you feature on your site. Something that could also bring in a little money to help you continue to operate, fund things, etc.

I love the mask idea, Terri. What about incorporating that idea with a masked ball at WISCON? I'd love to see folks dress in 17th and 18th century costumes, and have a "Salon" ball!

20 years? Congragulations:) How about an auction of one item each from the members (maybe on Ebay) with the proceeds to charity. The only condition? Each auctioned item must have been created during the last twenty years.

Oooh, a Masked Salon ball at Wiscon sounds like way to much fun.

I also love the idea of a publication where the writer's and artists are in a creative conversation, riffing off themes and images.

Thanks, everyone. Keep those suggestions coming! And please pass the word that we're seeking suggestions here from now till the end of the year -- which is when we'll decide what we're going to do in 2007.

Hi Terri,

I love Beth's idea of masks, too!I was trying to think of an uplifting and creative way to celebrate the healing power of myth and all that the Endicott Studio has brought to light in that area.

What if we each created a mythic mask as Beth suggested and sent them all (by a deadline) wherever the main celebration will be held. They could be arranged together in a display. Photos could be taken of the display for a commemorative 20th Anniversary poster that could be sold at the celebration and on-line. We could even have a silent auction for people during the celebration to bid on individual masks they would like to buy, or after the celebration, each individual mask could be sold on e-bay-- all proceeds going to Endicott with a designated portion going to Endicott’s children’s charities.

This weekend I sent a trauma survivor links from the Endicott Studio and when she e-mailed back, there was so much hope in her words. A friend calls it the “ripple of healing,” and that sure describes what happened when reading "Transformations" caused me to ponder my own fascination with "The Wild Swans."

All you have done to help others heal is incredible and should be celebrated!


Coming late to the brainstorming, I love the poppet/doll/mask idea and also the concept of an online gathering. The online PsiberDream conference put on by the International Association for the Study of Dreams is great fun and wonderful learning (although much work as well).

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